Welcome to Patagonia Wild Waters...where your fly fishing dreams come true! Take a look and you can check out our great fly fishing programs, services and lodging options. You can find information about fishing in different times of the season, flies and equipment. You can also see our best fishing rivers and lakes, with a detailed map and weather forecast for each one!

Guides & Equipment

Our fishing opportunities are vast, so we provide superior service by using only the best local guides that have an intimate understanding of our wild trout habitat. They know where the best opportunities exist, and share their secret knowledge with you as their guest. A good guide will know which waters are worth fishing, as Patagonia trout adjust to the seasonal water flows, insect hatches and weather conditions that vary due to rapidly changing weather and water conditions. Our rivers also hold migratory species during certain seasons, which require our guides to have keen instincts and past experience to bring you to where the fish will be on any given day. Being there is the first part of the equation, catching these fish is the second part. Experience and a strong understanding of river dynamics drive our decisions on fly and line selection in ‘getting to’ the best fish in the pool. Only time-tested experience can provide you with unique fly patterns that work, and careful recommendations on presentation. We are always happy to provide any necessary equipment you may need, including waders, rods, leaders and flies. We have discerning taste, and only offer the very best equipment available.

Important notice:Patagonia is free of Whirling disease and we encourage you to come with brand new fishing gear (fishing tackle and wading equipment), or if you bring a used one, wash it very well diluting 1 part bleach in 3 parts water for 10 minutes. After that, rinse again with water before travelling. If you arrive with your used equipment without this process, just let us know and we´ll do it before we go fishing.