Welcome to Patagonia Wild Waters...where your fly fishing dreams come true! Take a look and you can check out our great fly fishing programs, services and lodging options. You can find information about fishing in different times of the season, flies and equipment. You can also see our best fishing rivers and lakes, with a detailed map and weather forecast for each one!

Fishing Options

The national airports serving our region is located very conveniently within a few miles of our country’s top angling destinations: Rio Chimehuin, Rio Limay, Rio Malleo, Rio Grande, Rio Traful, Rio Corcovado, just to name a few. Flights to Patagonia approach over some of the most spectacular views of the Andean Mountain Range, offering breathtaking views of our regions surroundings: volcanos, snow capped peaks, open ranges, and temperate forests. The fishing in Patagonia is a nice mix of quality and quantity! Fish populations are generally abundant, and trophy trout live in very particular places in almost all of our rivers; opportunities are everywhere. We understand that all of our guests have great expectations of many great catches, and we succeed at making your dreams come true through our exemplary guiding. We always try to encourage learning, and try to match fishing with catching for all skill levels. For the fly-fishing beginner, we have ‘special spots’ to hone your casting skills in the field, then immediately transition to approachable fishing water to test your newly developed skills. We find this approach to be fun and rewarding, and the best way to introduce beginners to Patagonia fly-fishing.

Wading – Float trips

In Patagonia we have a lot of different alternatives for you with excellent rivers, streams and lakes, especially for those who want to engage every day with a new fishing situation.

On wading trips, usually while fishing our rivers, a fair amount of walking is involved and this can be varied to suit the client's fitness levels and fishing requirements. Just let us know the maximum distance you want to wade within a day covering the best spots in the middle of the wild. We have transportation prepared to reach the most inaccesible and remote locations.

We also offer exceptional floating trips, from a daily plan covering different rivers to 2 or 3 days floating a selected a river. With this option you´ll fish from main streams to many little creeks, rock walls and amazing shores, all with plenty of trout where you can choose from streamers, nymphs or dry flies.

Of course we can combine some or all of these options, mixing wading and floating days, including the famous “bocas”. Depending on how many days you´re planning to stay and your fishing preferences, we´ll custom-make your schedule.

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  • - Please ask for non fishing activities. (golf, horseback ridding, bird watching, treking)