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About Us

Our passion for fly-fishing has grown from our knowledge and love of Patagonia, and has been enhanced by our own experiences in world travel. Because of our own experience with international travel, we appreciate what an adventure angler expects when they arrive in a remote destination. We believe in excellence in everything we do, and our focus is on hosting you through every moment of your stay with us in Argentina. Many of our guests are experienced travelers, and our goal is to exceed your expectations whenever possible. This remains our goal throughout your stay. We customize fly-fishing venues with respect to experience level and ability, to maximize each guests experience. We provide lodging, guides and transportation to both anglers as well as non-fishing companions. We cater to the needs of the non-angler by offering unique experiences to explore the local wilderness surroundings, and highlight the cultural and historical sights, sounds, and smells that embody this gorgeous country. Our team of Professional guides are master fly-fishermen, experienced boatmen, and consummate river outfitters with many years of experience operating as licensed guides in Argentina. Our guides are all certified in first aid and CPR, and consider your safety a priority over everything else. At days end, you will relax with a huge smile, knowing that your day was filled with outstanding fishing, and your soul was lifted by unforgettable memories of another great day in Patagonia; one of the most spectacular places on earth!

Then we can realize that our objective was accomplished.

Gonzalo Theill, Patagonia Wild Waters Manager will take care of each group coordination in order to provide everything at the top of your expectations and that´s why we only allow one group a week