Welcome to Patagonia Wild Waters...where your fly fishing dreams come true! Take a look and you can check out our great fly fishing programs, services and lodging options. You can find information about fishing in different times of the season, flies and equipment. You can also see our best fishing rivers and lakes, with a detailed map and weather forecast for each one!


We work with a wide variety of lodges, ranches, hotels, rooms and camp sites, so you are always going to be staying in the best place to maximize your fishing time and minimize your travel time. An overnight stay close to the chosen fishing locale can greatly improve your trip, allowing for fishing the evening hatch and first light opportunities. We can recommend a range of accommodations from five-star lodges or hotel, inns, right down to camping under the stars. Our lodging options can include meals and beverages to suit your desires. The arrangement of accommodations will be based on your interests and adjusted to your needs. Every lodging option has different services, so in planning your Patagonia adventure, we can provide you with our recommendations with more specific details. We offer many non-fishing activities including trekking, hiking, horseback riding, and bird watching. Depending on your schedule and the exact season, we can organize a couple of days and nights floating and camping on a remote wild river, combined with a few nights at a lodge or inn. Float trips offer our customers access to remote water, which typically translates to outstanding fishing!

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Just let us know your preferences and we´ll propose the most accurate alternatives to enjoy the trout home in South America.